Kamaki L81 Lopper, Pruning Equipment, L.Evans, Hereford


Kamaki L81 LopperThe Kamaki L81 Lopper is a professional lightweight lopper with traditional blades but has an additional leverage that allows thick branches to be cut with little force. The cut is suitable for branches up to 40mm.

The blades have a Teflon protection layer and are made of high carbon steel. The handles and blades can be replaced. A unique pivot system exerts 9 times the cutting pressure.

After use we recommend you clean and lubricate the blades using a little oil being careful to keep it away from the handles. Store with the blades closed and keep away from moisture.

The lopper blades can be re-sharpened for longer life and are replaceable.

The loppers are extremely sharp so please be careful when using and keep away from children. Improper use can cause serious injury.

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  • 40mm capacity
  • Unique pivot system exerts 9 times the cutting pressure
  • Maintain by cleaning after use and oil occasionally
  • Store in a moisture free place with blades closed