Okatsune 301 Fruit Snips

Okatsune 301 Fruit Snips - Pruning Equipment

Okatsune 301 Fruit SnipsOkatsune 301 Fruit Snips are specially designed for harvesting vegetables and fruit. The curved blade of 25mm makes these snips very suitable for working in a tight space. Use these very sharp snips with the rounded curved blade away from the fruit, and vegetables to prevent damage. Okatsune fruit snips are the undisputed number 1 in Japan, the country where the use of fruit snips has been elevated to a true art form.

The blades of these Japanese fruit snips (Saika Basami) are uniquely forged from the finest Izumo Yasugi steel, and have a very high Rockwell hardness of 60.0 to 61.0. This hardness ensures that the blades stay sharper for longer, and always make a clean and precise cut in the wood. However, soft metal in the core of the blade make the snips tough. This toughness makes sure that the cutting blade always fits well on the counter-blade and does not break, not even under heavy load.

The Okatsune 301 is the pure essence of the harvest shears:

  • Razor-sharp, always with a clean cut
  • Simple design for optimal ease of use
  • Ultra lightweight, and yet particularly robust