2013 Grimme GT170S

By Keith Lamont on Oct 30


2013 Grimme GT170S

Double Multi-Sep

Wheel Drive

Terra Depth Control

10mm Segments first seperator

8mm Segments second seperator

Left Hand Levelling

Windrowing Kit

Mechanical Drive

VC50 Control Box

Very Tidy Machine

Choice of two





2013 Grimme GT170S

Centre trailed, 2-row, various separators for different soil conditions.

The variable and good visible frame constructions of the two machine models GT 170 M and GT 170 S combined with 4 different separators customise the machine to the individual requirements. The innovative drive concept with several V-belt drives in lieu of chain drives reduces the wearing and maintenance costs.

Further advantages are an hydraulic ridge pressure relief and the independent depth control TerraControlGentle and extremely versatile the MultiSep and/or the double MultiSep work well in all conditions with various segment rollers to suit the crop and the conditions. Active side panels as well as the length and flexibility of the cart elevator ensure a smooth and gentle discharge of the crop even into deep trailers.

Keith Lamont

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