Grimme CS150 Destoner

By Keith Lamont on Mar 21


Grimme CS150 Destoner


2 spacers

40mm web

Reversible Scrubber Web

Automatic Self-Centre Steering

Hillside Levelling


Grimme CS150 Destoner

Highest separation for a stone and clod free bed

An effective separation is the basis for the growing of high quality potatoes on stony and cloddy fields.

Various combinations of stars and main webs give the right solution for the individual grower.

The patented RotaPower increases the sieving output about 25 % compared to traditional systems. The rotor crumbles the compacted soil and prepares it for an increased sieving. Wear and tear of the following star rollers and main webs is significantly reduced.


The RotaPower increases the sieving capacity by 25 % compared to traditional systems
lower traction requirement.

Compact design and large steering angle realize high manoeuvrability.

Low wearing, maintenance friendly machine concept.

RotaPower for efficient clod breaking and soil speed-up.

Every 6th bar 16 mm diameter to improve the strength of the web and as a flight function.

Star roller distance adjustment (option) allows longer use of the stars and reduces maintenance costs.

Driven clod mat (option) assists with stone and trash conveyance up the webs and breaks clods. The option is most useful on hillsides to ensure an even flow of material through the machine.

CS 150 Combi-Star XL: up to 15 % higher sieving performance with the extended 2nd main web

Keith Lamont