Grimme BF600 Bedforma

By Keith Lamont on Mar 21


Grimme BF600 Bedforma




Grimme BF600 Bedforma

The first step of the separation system is to set up the beds. Two basic models are available for the various soil conditions. The large BF plough body for use especially on medium to heavy soils with big stones and large amount on clods. Or the BFL plough body with long side mouldboards to keep the loose soil in the bed, preventing it from falling back into the furrow. It is possible to combine both bodies with bed loosening tines to work in non-prepared soils.



Large main frame, for a simple adaptation to the required bed-width of 1.50 m to 2.00 m

Two different bed former bodies for diverse ground conditions

BF body suits especially heavy soils

BFL body with long mouldboards for more stability in the beds, recommended for light to medium soils

Shearbolt or auto-reset stone protection for big stones or other foreign bodies in the ground

Shaping of four beds with one field crossing via lane marker or parallel drive system

To avoid pulling from the sides whilst shaping 3 beds it is possible to adjust the working depth of the

outer bodies via a hydraulically operated parallelogram, if working without lane marker or parallel drive system

Extra plates (option) with high trash contents for better mixing in the soil

Additional subsoiler legs (option) in front of the bed shaper bodies to create loose soil in the furrow also in heavy soils

Additional loosening tines with shearbolt protection or auto-reset spring for increased ground loosening under the following bed enable a better root growing in the ground

Two large support wheels ensure an even working depth

Increased track guidance especially at slopes via guiding slides (option)

Hydraulically foldable main frame for road transport

Keith Lamont

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