Case Anniversary

By ag43B12QQp0 on Feb 14 in Farm Machinery.

Case Anniversary

case-anniversary-brochure Case 175th Anniversary

Throughout the years, every innovation
Case IH has brought into the world was
born of a single-minded vision – make
agriculture’s tomorrow better than today.
Our innovations are born in the field,
from the practical needs of farmers
all over the world. And that’s why our
equipment is designed to till more
effectively, plant more accurately, and
harvest more efficiently.

Beyond technical innovations, our
brand’s legacy lives in places that aren’t
measured by yield. It lives in the hearts
and memories of generations who have
made their living from the earth – those
supporting others by growing food, fiber
and fuel for the world. For us, every
innovation is a springboard to what
can be re-imagined in the world of
agriculture.One hundred and seventyfive
years ago, we improved threshing
by rethinking productivity. Continuing to
push the boundaries of what’s possible is
what makes us who we are today.


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