Grimme GT170S

Grimme GT170S


Double MultiSep

Terra Depth Control

Left Hand Levelling

Wheel Drive

Mechanical Web Drive

VC50 Control Box

Tidy Machine



Grimme GT170S

Harvesting Technology – 2-row | GT 170

Centre trailed, 2-row, various separators for different soil conditions.

The variable and good visible frame constructions of the two machine models GT 170 M and GT 170 S combined with 4 different separators customise the machine to the individual requirements.

The innovative drive concept with several V-belt drives in lieu of chain drives reduces the wearing and maintenance costs. Further advantages are an hydraulic ridge pressure relief and the independent depth control

TerraControlGentle and extremely versatile the MultiSep and/or the double MultiSep work well in all conditions with various segment rollers to suit the crop and the conditions.

Active side panels as well as the length and flexibility of the cart elevator ensure a smooth and gentle discharge of the crop even into deep trailers.


Crop protection

  • – Main webs with high-cam belt for optimum gentle crop handling
    – Reduced drop heights throughout the machine for a gentle crop transfer
    – Gentle but high capacity harvesting

High acreage performance and separating effect

– Extracting roller, extracting unit, fine haulm elevator or deviner web for haulm separation
– Versatile sieving helps: Rotary agitator and / or hydraulic rocker agitator
– Double MultiSep separator, the “all-rounder“, even in heavy harvesting conditions
– Roller Separator with TwinSep or with deviner web
– With the patented Vario-RS, the infinitely roller distance adjustment, it is possible to react to different crop sizes and harvesting conditions     at any time (without roller change). 
– Blower: The airflow which is generated by the Blower, separates dry haulm and light trash from the harvest flow and conveys it to the rear       and out of the machine.
– The machine can be equipped with a large picking table for up to four persons. A hydraulic drive with infinitely variable speed adjustment is   available.

– A “Cascade”-sieving system loosens the crop flow without drop steps and agitator movements


– The hydrostatic wheel drive provides additional tractive force. This is particularly useful in wet harvesting conditions and in combination         with narrow tyres on the tractor.
– A second hydraulic cylinder for inclination allows the entire machine to be raised in a steeper position, and thus increases the sieving               performance.
– Perfectly comfortable
– Digital operator terminal VC 50 incl. colour display, touch-screen function and digital machine diagnostics realize a high operator comfort
– Speedtronic: The load dependant and fully automatic speed control system for the separators and picking web relieves the driver from             manual tasks and increases output.
– Hydraulic main web drive for optimum adaption of the harvester, e.g. in combination with a front mounted haulm topper
– TerraControl: Hydraulic ridge pressure relief and independent depth control Terra control
– TerraDisc: Digging with driven disc coulter and without diablo roller (therefore no additional soil compaction) and depth control via skids
– Elevator is suitable for high trailers and deep unloading into the trailers. Equipped with so-called “active side panels” for low maintenance
– Versatility
– Two different frame length available (M- or S-version)
– The machine can be equipped with a windrow intake for the delayed, discontinuous (“two-phases”) harvesting process.
– Depending on the cultivation method (rows, beds, flat beds etc.), a wide range of different vegetables can also be harvested besides                 potatoes.