Grimme Planter GL 32 B

  • Make: Grimme
  • Model: GL 32 B
  • Description: Planter
  • Condition: Good
  • Stock Number: 11000942
  • Hydraulic Hood
  • Green Cups
  • 7.50 X 16 Wheels
  • Applicators Not Included

Grimme Planter GL 32 B
The Grimme Planter GL 32 B is a 2-row, up to 2.2 t hopper, for separated beds. The GL 32 B is designed both for conventional planting and for planting into beds. The Grimme professional planting element is the right choice for a very precise and even planting distance. Different setting options of the machine together with good calibrated seed enable a high planting speed. Narrow, fixed furrow opener ensure an optimum planting position into a separated bed. Soil retention plates under the machine keep the soil for ridge shaping. Keeping enough soil for the following shaping board or cage roller.

  • The compact design of the carried machine gives a high manoeuvrability on the headland
    The powerful planting element enables a simple adaption to the tuber size and ensures therefore an exact planting distance
    The combination of specially developed furrow opener, planting cups, the longest singling way, an adjustable drop rod and a low drop height enable an even planting distance in the required planting depth
    Several options to increase the output as for the bigger machines are available
    Comfortable setting of the important parameter from the tractor
    With the hydraulic height adjustment an easy adaption to various bed heights is possible. The option is either available via manual control from the tractor terminal or alternative automatic controlled
    Different row and tracks width available
    Narrow, fixed furrow opener ensure an optimum planting position
    The deflector plates keep the soil in the bed, thus providing for adequate soil for ridge shaping
    Different options for the ridge shaping, shaping board for a loose to firm ridge with a smooth surface or cage rollers for a more fine crumbled ridge structure
    Tipping hopper keeping 2200 kg for long fields
    The Grimme nozzle system ensures complete dressing of the tuber and the Grimme tank system a safe and a proper crop protection
    Change between seed dressing and liquid chemical furrow application in a machine is possible
    Option to applicate micro granular directly into the furrow for an optimum growing start or for seed protection
    Comfortable machine control via the Grimme video system
    A front fertiliser for under-root fertilisation and / or a front tank system are available for this machine to combine several working steps