Horstine AirStream

Horstine Airstream


1600 litre tank

Digimon Controller

Hydraulic driven fan

Immaculate Condition

Comes with pipes and fertiliser legs

Comes with fishtails to apply fertiliser to the top of the bed

For sale on behalf of customer




Horstine Airstream

Horstine AirStream uses hydraulically driven metering and a high capacity fan to distribute solid fertiliser. Outlets can be specified to broadcast, band apply or place fertiliser on, or in combination with a wide range of implements. AirStream can precisely apply cheaper grades of solid fertiliser, maximising yield potential and keeping establishment costs in check.

Preicision Fertiliser Application – Horstine’s precision metering system provides extremely accurate application of solid fertilisers, with each product outlet being fed by its own individual rotor. This system of metering provides guaranteed application accuracy across the full width of the implement. Application rates can be varied from very low rates, such as those to suit OSR establishment, to the higher rates used in potato placement.

Easy Setup & Operation – Calibration of the AirStream is quick and simple. Remove the calibration cover, press the prime button until a quantity of fertiliser is collected in the tray (provided). Weigh the fertiliser an input this figure into the rate controller and calibration is complete. When the day is finished any remaining fertiliser can be quickly drained via the hopper port, preventing moisture build up overnight.

Rate Controllers – The Horstine Wizard application controller comes fitted as standard and is used to compensate for changes in forward speed. Wizard also allows he application rate to be changed quickly, adjusting fertiliser rates to suit soil conditions. For growers wishing to use AirStream for Variable Rate Application, an upgrade to the Horstine Apollo controller is available. More information on controller specifications.

Multiple Use – AirStream is a very versatile applicator and can be used to apply nutrients in a variety of scenario. Listed below are a few of AirStreams uses.

Placement during potato planting
Bed top application ahead of potato/vegetable establishment
Broadcast applications
Banding during cereal/OSR establishment
Placement on vegetable module planters
Inter-row banding on established vegetable crops