Maschio 3metre Power Harrow

Maschio 3metre Power Harrow

The DOMINATOR DM RAPIDO PLUS Power Harrow range is designed to suit medium to large sized farms and medium to high horse power tractors ranging from 120-200hp.

This power harrow is a popular choice to be used in drill combinations, with its heavy duty build and the option of using ON-GRIP tines also makes the DOMINATOR DM a great choice for use on uncultivated land.

The ‘Quickfit’ tine system and the ‘Quickplus’ rotor and gear shield system, come as standard on the DOMINATOR DM.

Main Features:
Cat II
21 Spline PTO Shaft With Cam Clutch
Pin Adjustment For Rear Roller
Gearbox Speed 540 rpm Giving 193 or 353 rpm Rotor Speed
Gearbox Speed 1000 rpm Giving 357 rpm Rotor Speed
Long Dampened Side Deflectors
Rear levelling bar with mechanical adjustment
Rear PTO
Rapido Quick-Fit tines
Stone Deflectors




Maschio 3metre Power Harrow

For years the group have been a leader in the production of Power Harrows, Rotary Cultivators, Flail Mowers, Mulchers and Seed Drills to name but a few products. Over 120 different types of machines are manufactured, 75% of which are exported across the world.

Maschio’s main goal has always been to manufacture machines that can offer “Real help to farmers” by using the most technological advanced production methods. It’s easy to see why Maschio products are some of the best on the market today.

The first line up of Maschio products launched in the UK consisted of Power Harrows and Rotary Cultivators. These are now very well established and have been sold in the UK for the last 35 years.

Since then a new range of Flail Mowers, Seed Drills and Power Harrow Combination Drills have been introduced, with further products to be added year by year, so keep watching for new things to come!