Standen Pearson T2 Potato Harvester

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Standen T2 Potato Harvester in stock for sale.
Year  2014
OMEGA – Advanced Separation Technology
Digger web
2nd Web
Cart elevator (reversing)
Independent levelling
Twin Multi sep
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The High Performance Standen-Pearson T2 Potato Harvester is a 2-row tractor trailed potato harvester developed by engineers at Standen Engineering for high output and efficiency with low crop damage.

Moving Up A Gear
The Standen T2 offers significantly more output. An additional front digger web and a longer sieving web provide a dramatic increase in total web area. VariSep adjustable web step separation, between the digging and sieving webs provides another major boost to output, and on-the-move adjustability.

OMEGA – Advanced Separation Technology
Developed by Standen for the T2, OMEGA is a fluted roller separating system, featuring soft deformable scroll rollers and the choice of rubber covered or steel clod rollers. OMEGA is designed to make the most of T2’s high output potential. Neat, flush sides mean T2 is only 2.9m wide for transport; the wheel track is adjusted from the cab’; T2 is ready for work, or ready for the road in seconds.


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