Advanced Farming Systems

Advanced Farming Systems ® (AFS) -AFS Connect™

AFS Connect™ advanced farming systems from Case IH gives you total control over your data. It provides you real-time dashboard access to your equipment on any device. So you have instant access to location, diagnostics, fuel and engine stats — just like you would see it in the field. Plus, the power to decide who can see or can’t see your data.

AFS Connect advanced farming management system gives you instant access to information for every machine in your fleet – including machine location, diagnostics and fuel and engine stats. Use it to manage operator and equipment performance and monitor real-time data to make informed decisions that impact your bottom line.

AFS Connect lets you monitor anything with power, from field machines to road vehicles. It can help you save time, save fuel, cut costs and improve overall efficiency. And you can access it from wherever you’re sitting – from the kitchen table to a pickup truck.

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