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Bailey Trailers

Over a 30-year period marked by innovative design and outstanding service, Bailey Trailers have developed a range of trailers to suit a large number of agricultural applications including carting silage and collecting grain. In 2010 they moved their production to a purpose built factory in Sleaford, Lincolnshire. Subsequently output increased to 25 trailers a week and they continue to expand thanks to a skilled workforce, dedicated dealers nationwide and a first class product.

Bailey trailers are in a class of their own: single, twin and triple axle versions for bulk crop handling across the entire range of roots, grain, farm and bulk materials. These trailers are renowned for their transport characteristics on the road and in the field. Whether you are carting silage, collecting grain, transporting potatoes or tipping beet, you can rely on Bailey’s build quality and standard equipment to get the job done.

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Tb 12.15
Root Special
Bale And Pallet
Bailey TB 12-15
Bailey Root Special
Beavertail Low Loader
Bailey Bale & Pallet

Whether your work is arable, vegetable or silage, TB will haul the lot. TB is designed for tough off-road conditions. We mount all models on either an 8 or 10 mm RHS chassis; this clean design eliminates spillage of materials on road or yard. 

Available from 15.8m3 through to 34.2m3, TB could be the only trailer you need.

Root Specials are designed specifically to meet the needs of root crop businesses. When harvesting root crops it’s important to avoid unnecessary damage when loading, this is why our Root trailers are longer and lower than standard grain trailers. Tipping is controlled by long reach chromed cylinders capable of achieving approximately 50° of tip. 

Beavertail Low Loaders are available in 12, 15 & 20 tonnes and are mounted on a tandem or tri-axle springs. Features include: hydraulic 900 mm wide loading ramps, 38 mm hardwood planed floor, fully road legal lights, heavy-duty axles and wheels are standard. All models are 2500 mm overall width, and a deck height of 900 mm with addition of outriggers if required. 

Bale and Pallet trailers are mounted on 8 or 10 mm RHS chassis with heavy-duty axles on tandem springs. All models are 2500mm/8’2″ overall and fitted with a 4.5 mm chequer plate floor with 60 x 40 RHS floor runners at 300 mm centres. Bale trailers have heavy-duty 8 mm side rails and a 600 mm high headboard for safe and secure loading of pallets, bags and boxes.

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Tb 16.24
Water Bowser
Agri Dumper
Flat Deck
Bailey TB 16-24
Bailey Water Bowser
Bailey Agricultural Dumper
Bailey Flat Deck Low Loader

Built for heavy haulage…TB is designed for tough off-road conditions. We mount all models on either an 8 or 10 mm RHS chassis; this clean design eliminates spillage of materials on road or yard.

Available from 21.7m3 through to 51m3, TB could be the only trailer you need.

Your portable water supply…All models feature an elliptical, low centre of gravity translucent fibreglass tank. Bailey specify a true fixed baffle tank, which reduces sloshing and offers greater stability.

Features 4 capacity options of 12,000, 15,000, 16,500 and 18,000 litres.

For heavy-duty work…An impressive tipping angle is achieved via twin extra-long reach 3 stage hydraulic cylinders. To protect against wear and tear Agricultural Dumpers are built with 4mm sides, strengthening channels and heavy-gauge floors with hollow section runners at 300 mm centres.

Whatever the load…The Flat Deck Low Loader is built to the same specification as the Beavertail, but is flat to the back and comes with aluminium loading ramps complete with a storage rack underneath.

Flat Deck Low Loaders are available in 15 & 20 tonnes.

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