Vicon Agricultural Equipment

Vicon Agricultural Equipment

Being a high-profile specialist, Vicon offers dedicated products and services within forage harvesting equipment, seeding systems, fertiliser spreaders and sprayers. In the past 100 years their brand has introduced a constant stream of ground-breaking innovations and has a proud history of being first on the market with new concepts. Since the world wide success of early innovations like the ”finger wheel” rake and pendulum type fertiliser spreader, the distinctive logo has been known as a quality brand embracing a wide range of high performance equipment.

Vicon Parts Specialist

We hold the complete parts range for your equipment and our competent team offer advice about the different possibilities as well as on the economic effects of the different options to get you moving again.

Ro M
ANDEX 644-724 RAKE
Fixbale 500
Bmw 2100

Intelligent spreading with the RO-M GEOSPREAD and RotaFlow system.

  • RotaFlow system – smooth acceleration of fertiliser
  • GEOSPREAD ensures a cost saving of 5-15% of fertiliser
  • Individual section control with sections of 1 metre

The CompactLine rakes with working widths from 6.2m to 7.8m

  • Compact two-rotors rake with lower specs
  • Steered transport carrier
  • Maintenance-friendly oil-immersed gearbox
  • Compact transport position

High Performance Fixed Chamber Baler.

  • 2.3m extra wide pick-up with small diameter
  • SuperCut 15 knife pre-chopping system and PowerFeed rotor
  • Large intake rotor for excellent cut quality

Three-point Mounted Turntable Wrapper.

  • Three-point mounted turntable wrapper
  • DuoWrap twin pre-stretcher for faster wrapping
  •  Hydraulic film cutter
  • Double driven rollers system
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