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PERFECT – Van Wamel

PERFECT – Van Wamel has 75 years of experience in developing and manufacturing a very wide range of flail and rotary mowers, chippers and strip cleaners in-house. Today, PERFECT machines are in use by professional users all over the world.

We ensure that you can continue to use your PERFECT machine for a very long time, and with minimal downtime in the event of major maintenance or repairs.


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Orchard & Vineyard equipment


PERFECT – Van Wamel has been producing a wide range of high quality, specialized machines for fruit growing for more than 70 years.

For more than 25 years, PERFECT – Van Wamel has also focused on designing and manufacturing grading systems to sort and package all kinds of fruit and vegetables. These systems are constructed entirely based on the wishes and requirements of the customer/user. PERFECT has especially earned an excellent reputation in the field of sorting delicate fruits such as apples and pears. 


PERFECT Products

  • Rotary mowers
  • Solo-swing in row mowing disks 
  • Flail choppers
  • Pruning sweeps
  • Double swing arm mowers
  • Orchard & Vineyard flail pruning choppers
  • Heavy-duty flail chopper
  • Front and rear mounted flail chopper
  • Brush sweepers

Most modern production technology

The use of the best materials, in combination with the most modern production technologies in the PERFECT factory in Beneden-Leeuwen result in a very high-quality product, easy maintenance and a very long life span. PERFECT machines derive their excellent reputation from this philosophy. 


PERFECT – Van Wamel has been in the right address for specialized mowing machines for orchards and vineyards for over 70 years.

A very elaborate range has been developed during this time. And so, PERFECT can proudly provide a suitable rotary mower for nearly every producer and parcel worldwide.

When manufacturing PERFECT orchard mowers, mowing quality and the quality of the machine itself (and its life span) are a priority. Fruit (and grape) growers on all continents have been working satisfactorily with PERFECT mowers for years and prove that PERFECT mowers are the best in their cases.

Orchard Mowers

The PERFECT programme entails diverse orchard rotary mowers with a set working width, orchard mowers with adjustable working widths and rotary mowers with 1 or 2 swing arms to mow in between rows.

Around Trees
Working Width

Around trees & vines

Adjustable working width

Set working width

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