Grimme Spare Parts

Grimme original spare parts are manufactured to the very highest quality and specially developed for use in their particular situation, be that soil engaging, crop transfer or crop cleaning.

Genuine spare parts ensure your machines performance is maintained throughout its life, continuing to protect your valuable crop from damage while reducing both machine downtime and your operating costs.

Durability, quality and a long service life are all factors that Grimme consider when designing a new machine, and this starts with each machine component. All Genuine Grimme Spare Parts therefore fulfil the need of todays professional growers, as they rely on their machines to work harder for longer.

Reliability – Every replacement part undergoes rigorous testing in actual conditions prior to final production, guarenteeing its long life and safe, reliable operation. The use of special processes during manufacture and quality raw materials helps extend the life or our components and ensure service costs are reduced over the life of your machine.

Availability – We are part of the UK Dealer Network which allows customers to benefit from the local parts stock holding and the specialist dealer knowledge this provides. We are supported by the UK head office at Swineshead, Lincolnshire along with the Grimme Logistics Centre in Damme, Germany. In the UK alone the Grimme head office holds in excess of £4,000,000 worth of genuine Grimme spare parts at any one time. Recent investments at all Grimme sites worldwide now mean our customers benefit from fast access to the correct replacement part, when they need it, delivered locally.

First Time Fit – Designed around accuracy, every Grimme Spare Part provides  you with peace of mind through functionality and correct, first time fit.

Development – With continuous research and development, our engineers work constantly to improve our manufacturing processes to ensure you recieve the very best replacement parts manufactured using the very latest techniques at the best possible price.

Call us on 01432 830 722 for all Grimme spare parts.