Our Suppliers

New Spare Parts

We supply original spare parts manufactured to the very highest quality and specially developed for use in their particular situation, be that soil engaging, crop transfer or crop cleaning. Genuine parts ensure your machines performance is maintained throughout its life, continuing to protect your valuable crop from damage while reducing both machine downtime and your operating costs.

Durability, quality and a long service life are all factors that our manufacturers consider when designing a new machine or equipment, and this starts with each machine component. All our parts therefore fulfil the need of todays’ professional farmers, as they rely on their machines to work harder for longer.

Sparex Spare Parts

Our aftermarket range of standard tractor parts covers an extensive range of makes & models. We also stock agricultural accessories.

Kramp Spare Parts

Whether you work in agriculture, landscaping, forestry, civil engineering or mechanical engineering we ensure that your work never comes to a standstill.