Teagle Agricultural Machinery

Teagle Agricultural Machinery

Teagle Machinery is a manufacturer and distributor of quality agricultural machinery. They are a family business based in Cornwall employing around 150 people, with products serving livestock and arable farmers Worldwide. Teagle ensure that they remain market leaders by offering innovative and reliable products that work hard day-in day-out.

Today, Teagle manufacture the market leading ‘Tomahawk’ range of livestock Feeder Bedders, the most complete line-up available from any manufacturer in the world.

All products are tried and tested in the toughest conditions to ensure a long and trouble free service life.

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Titan 10
Teagle Fert
TITAN 10 Muck Spreader
Tomahawk 505 Bale Processor
XT48 Fertiliser Spreader
PARK/P 115 Flail Mower

Featuring Teagles’ latest large diameter boron steel beater design. Shallow pitch augers with deep tip overlap and high tip speed ensures a thorough chopping and mixing action.

Capacity: 10.2m3 * 14.8m3

140 HP (min) 1000 rpm

Fast effective milling of straw and miscanthus to a very consistent chop length. Easy control of output by adjusting the speed of drum rotation. 3 different models available; 404M/505M/505XLM.

Tomahawk 505M – Suitable for 1.5m (5′) diameter bales.

Also suitable for spreading grain and grass seeds at a reduced bout width. Both models available in band spreading configuration. Quadruple Overlapping Spread Pattern – minimum risk of striping.

XT48 – Bout Width : Up to 12m

Capacity : 1350 litres

Available in five cut widths from 1.15m to 1.80m. Suitable for mulching grass and material up to 2cm diameter. Flails lift material before cutting to leave a fine finish. Rear mounted only.

Cutting width: 1.15m

Number of flails: 10