Weidemann brand

Weidemann places the greatest importance on the perfect collaboration between people, machines and attachments. As a result, Weidemann’s solutions are comfortable, safe and economical at the same time and of the highest Weidemann quality. The real “Weidemann” is always a multi-tool for your business – a machine that will be your daily companion and after just a short time, you won’t be able to do without it.

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Our newest franchise of 2024

We hold the complete parts range for your equipment and our competent team offer advice about the different possibilities as well as on the economic effects of the different options to get you moving again. Depending on whether you need a Wheel Loader or Hoftracs, our sales team will work with you to make sure you make the best decision for your line of work.

Weidemann – a strong brand

The following factors characterise a strong brand in the capital goods sector and reflect the Weidemann understanding:

  • Efficient solutions for maximum economic and good investment security
  • A high value retention
  • A positive image and high level of acceptance on the market
  • A strong partnership between the manufacturer, dealers and customers

Weidemann take all of these points seriously and they are important to them.

What you can expect with L Evans & Weidemann
  • A consistent alignment to our customers
  •  Offering full maintenance with extensive in-depth practical knowledge of Weidemann products 
  • Technical support that ensures quick and efficient service by professionals
  • Genuine parts so that you have low downtime


We believe that quality service is fundamental to the success of our own and our customers’ businesses.

The management and staff at L Evans have a wealth of knowledge and experience gained through working within the industry for many years.

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