Grimme SV260 Bunker Machine

  • Twin multistep
  • 35/40mm webs & spare webs
  • Serviced by Len Evans in 2022
  • Done 80 acres of beetroot since
  • Excellent condition
  • Year of manufacture: 2014


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Grimme SV260 Bunker Machine

High spec Grimme SV260 Bunker Machine – Double multistep 50mm drawbar, 1000 rpm PTO, 3 step gearbox, Centre share, 32″ row widths, half diablos, terra depth control. It also has a lane adjuster c/w with auto function. The webs on the SV 260 are 1700 wide main web, 40mm pitch. Rotary and rocker agitator for main web. It features a height adjustable segment extracting roller c/w double extracting roller and the 2nd main web 35mm pitch c/w rotary agitator. 1st multistep 8mm segments with rubber clod rollers, 2nd multistep 10mm segments with rubber clod rollers, picking table.

This Grimme SV260  also has a 5.8 tonne overloading bunker, hydraulic wheel drive, wheels 800/45-30.5, operator terminal VC 50, c/w joy stick.

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