Grimme Bunker harvester model SE 260

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  • Length: 345 mm
  • Width: 100 mm
  • Height: 120 mm

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Grimme Bunker harvester model SE 260

This Grimme Bunker Harvester model SE 260 can be mounted behind a tractor in a very realistic, offset-trailed way. The model is equipped with swivelling drawbar and a connectable pto-shaft. The jack stand is foldable, it can be folded away for driving with a fingers movement and is height adjustable. The intake can be adjusted in height by a small joint lever, while the diablo rollers are mounted individually and do even rotate.

The position of the intake can be fixed in the upper position, shares are foldable. The model is equipped with several access doors / movable panels on the left side and at the rear side. This allows a view into the interior of the machine. The ladders of the working platforms can be folded upwards for transport.

For field operation the security doors for the picking staff can be opened and closed. Of course, the bunker can be lifted for emptying. In a very realistic way, it can be folded for a gentle crop flow into any transportation unit.



  • Length: 345 mm
    Width: 100 mm
    Height: 120 mm

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