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HE-VA was founded in 1977 by Elly & Villy Christiansen, the company’s production was on their farm until 1980 when they required more space. HE-VA moved again to their current location in Ording and also took over the well known Doublet Record in 2002. Today HE-VA currently has over 40,000 m2 of total production area and has 145 employees.

HE-VA are definitely a company that listens to its customers and are continuously developing and optimising the full product range in relation to customer’s needs. If it sounds like a good idea they will usually try it.

Best known for producing one of the most advanced high quality sets of rolls on the market for over 10 years, HE-VA continue to make and develop machines with the aim to increase work rates and improve soil condition to suit the need of individual farms across the world.

Visit HE-VA to view the farm machinery available then call us on 01432 830 722 to discuss further, you will not be disappointed.

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Tip Roller
Sub Soiler
Combi Disc

Improve soil health by Stealth

It is widely acknowledged that reducing the mixing of soil horizons will improve soil health and it is also well documented that reduced surface disturbance is essential in fighting grassweeds. 

The Stealth is available as a 3m and 3.5m, rigid, linkage mounted machine or 4m, 5m and 6m hydraulic folding, linkage mounted or trailed machines.

A unique combination of design features and heavy duty construction ensures true contour following and even weight distribution for level seedbeds, moisture retention, uniform germination, better yields and reduced risk of stone damage.

4.5m to 10.2 working widths, available with a variety of ring options. Shattaboards are available for all 3 section machines.


HE-VA Subsoilers are designed for minimum draft and maximum heave without bringing large unwanted clods to the surface. 

The subsoilers come in 7 different frame sizes from 2.5m to 7m. The mounted rigid subsoilers are available in 2.5m, 3m, 3.5m & 4m working widths. 

HE-VA’s Combi-Disc is a multipurpose cultivator designed to subsoil, surface cultivate and consolidate in one pass.

The narrow mounted 2.5m version can be used on tractors from 155hp upwards whilst the 4.25m and 5.25m trailed units are capable of being used on tractors from 350hp.

0% FINANCE schemes available on new HE-VA machinery with a minimum RRP of £25,000.

He Va Mob Header 1600 X 800 Finance



On new HE-VA machinery with a minimum RRP of £25,000

For orders placed from 2nd April to 30th June 2024

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Speak to our sales team for more information on the 0% finance offer available. Please see HE-VA’s page to view Terms and Conditions.