OPICO Agricultural Equipment

OPICO Agricultural Equipment

OPICO Limited, the largest independent distributor of agricultural machinery in the UK with over five decades of experience and knowledge of the trade.

Over the years OPICO has become known as a company for innovation and this is very evident in the range today with many of the products being the first of their type in the UK. The company philosophy has always been to find something clever, different and beneficial to the farmer in the products that they sell.

Now in 2024, OPICO are distributors for HE-VA, Strautmann, Ovlac, Farmroid and Sky Agriculture.

Opicos’ range consists of; gas and diesel recirculating batch grain dryers, a large grassland range of machines, mechanical weeding comb harrows and interrow cultivators, post hole diggers, seeders and micro-granule (Avadex) applicators.

Please contact our sales team to discuss your requirements.

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Comb Harrow
A multi-purpose tool, the Comb Harrow consists of fine spring tines, mounted on a contour-flexing frame, with working widths of 1.5m to 27m.
Grass Harrow
The working widths range from a very handy 1.5m up to the very wide 27m. There are rigid, mechanical and hydraulic folding units with a choice of 7mm or 8mm tines.
Sward Lifter
The Sward Lifter is designed to alleviate compacted layers in the soil, opening up the subsoil to improve drainage and air interchange. The working width ranges from 2.7m to 4.5m.
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